Past Habits

Used to vs Would

Be used to vs Get used to


Sometimes I used to play with my little plastic cowboys and Indians on the kitchen windowsill, and the window in the kitchen, it was just one window, and it was at the end of the kitchen, and it opened into a courtyard, the front courtyard, and across the courtyard on the other side, the apartment was exactly the same, but it was my mother friend Mrs. Bernie, was her name.  Uh, I don’t remember her first name, but they used to talk back and forth across the courtyard.  And Mrs. Bernie, whenever she made chocolate chip cookies, she would always call me out the kitchen window, or if she saw me playing with my toys on the windowsill, she’d call and say, “I made chocolate chip cookies for you.”  “Did she make good cookies?”  “Oh she made great chocolate chip cookies.  They weren’t flat.  They were like bumpy.  I mean they were not real big, but they were just, aw, they were great.  I can taste them right now.  (laughs)  And then I would go next door.  I would go out into the hall, go down to the end of the wall to her apartment, and she would give me a dish full of chocolate chip cookies.  The other thing I remember about her is that she always had exotic animals.  She had a skunk, a de-scented skunk at one point.  She had birds, big birds.  I think she had a rabbit.  Not all at once, but at different times.  And she also had a dog, a Chihuahua, and the dog’s name was Skippy, and she used to let me take Skippy out for a walk once in a while. And I thought that was a big deal because we didn’t have a dog.


Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

The following website is contains many authentic examples of Used to.  It is called I used to believe, and it is about what people used to believe when they were children, which they don’t believe anymore.


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