Source: Corpus of Contemporary American English

Argument is WAR

Here’s a case in the gun control debate where people use a questionable piece of information, trying to win an important argument. (Peter Jennings, 1990)

Mr. DONALDSON: George, your side has lost that argument now, hasn’t it? I mean the Bush Administration is not going to do all those horrid things to Gorbachev you want it to do (Brinkley, 1990)

I think, in fact, it is a legitimate position to take in this country and I don’t think we should suppress an argument about quotas simply on the grounds by saying racism

Republicans believed they had hit a rhetorical mother lode with this line of argument in 2008.

he prosecutor asked the jury in opening argument to’ notice her tone and demeanor,’ in order to help the jury to interpret her words as extortionate; and in closing argument he told the jury that Santos had chosen the’ tone’ she had used in making the allegedly extortionate demands… (Chicago Sun-Times, 2000)

Argument is BUILDING

Again, we are not familiar with any real evidence to support this argument.

no dishonor attends an incorrect choice among plausible outcomes drawn from a properly constructed argument. (Gould, 1991)

What is further required, however, is more rigorous and sophisticated research that can support the frequently made argument that education in and about the arts transcends the arts and has important relevance to learning in other key fields as well. (Sterling, 1995)

words are important but visual images can trump even the best composed argument (Lockhart, 2001)

Your whole argument caved when you said you agreed with the first poster about anything under 200 bucks being junk


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