Lexical Bundles in Spoken Academic English

The following list contains the 100 most common lexical bundles in Spoken American Academic English as taken from the MICASE corpus (Liu, 2003).

sort of
kind of
go on
of course
in terms of
in fact
go through
at all
as well
deal with
make sure
in order to/that
look for
end up
make sense
in other words
get into
come up with
in a/any sense of/that
turn out
in a/some way
come up
as/so far as
set up
used to (+ verb)
go over
go ahead
put on
in general
according to
pick up
by the way
point out
as well as
so far
get rid of
have/keep in mind
as/so long as
come on
as if
with/in respect to
ring up
go with
as to (+ wh- clause/noun)
look up something in
take place
no matter (+ wh- clause)
put out
take care of
work out
have something/nothing to do with
make up (of)
on the other hand
for sure/certain
in time
get out of
show up
to the/an extent (that)
go for
as soon as
be about to
break down
more or less
put together
take out
go along (with)
get on
account for
take off
give up
go off
no matter (+ wh- clause)
be used to (+ noun phrase/gerund/present participle)
run into
break up
turn on
after all
make it
carry out
hold on
take over
hang out (with)
back and forth
get back to
be up to somebody/something
play/have a role/part in
make a difference
right away
get through
take on
in case
once again
stick (be stuck) with
take up
be (have something) in place
turn in

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    thank you.
    Its all I can say to express my feeling.

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