Phrasal Verb

50 most common phrasal verbs

Most common 3 word phrasal verbs common in CONVERSATION


Most common: Get out of

  • move to someplace else
  • stop interfering
  • avoid doing something
  • become a problem, e.g., get out of hand
  1. Get away with – Do something wrong and not get punished
  2. get back to – return a phone call, return to a point in time
  3. get back into- begin an activity again
  4. get on with – continue
  5. get off at – ending time for work

Other Verbs

  1. come in for
  2. get away from
  3. get off at
  4. go along with
  5. turn away from
  6. catch up with
  7. come out of
  8. get back into
  9. get on with
  10. go out for
  11. turn back to
  12. hold on to
  13. come out with
  14. get back to
  15. get out of
  16. go over to
  17. keep up with
  18. go up to
  19. look out for
  20. come down to
  21. look forward to
  22. put up with
  23. come up with


Source: Conrad and Biber (2010)


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