Whereas can be used to talk about contrast.  It is most frequently used in academic contexts.


For me and my wife our marriage is our business, whereas in my parents’ time everything was scrutinized by the extended family. (Smith, 2010)

Source: Corpus of Contemporary American English

Ok Americans are always concerned about time.  There is an expression time is money, time is money, get to the point.  So it seems Americans are always in a hurry.  And this creates a little problem when American business people, men and women, go to the Far East to do business with their Asian counterparts.  And what I have heard, and what I have observed is that Asians for the most part are interested first in developing a human relationship, and that entails tea ceremonies and conversation, and perhaps even sharing some intimacies, whereas the Americans are always sitting at the edge of their seats waiting to sign on the bottom line.  So Americans are impatient.  Asians are more interested in the human element, yes, but until then, developing the human element, and then they would focus on the business part.  All are interested in the business part.  All are interested in the ending with a profit, a promise of profit, but the Americans seem to be more in a hurry than their counterparts.

An excerpt from the Nobel Prize winner of Economics, Muhammad Yunus, on the difference between men and women and how they handle their finances.


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